For Entertainment:

There’s No Business Like Show Business!

From Clubs to Festivals or Shows to Weddings, I am at home on stage. Music is my life and I like to share that. I will be your Master of Ceremonies, manage public or private events, keep guests entertained, and make sure that the performance is unforgettable. With a life time of musical experience from Broadway shows in NYC to Jazz Festivals around the country plus over a thousand weddings, I present each show as the unique event it is.

For a Music Instructor:

Professional musician since age 11 in NYC

I teach students on an individual level according to what they want to accomplish. Each lesson is custom tailored to fit their objective. Mastering the instrument and understanding music theory are two important subjects that I offer. Along with that, a student can focus on any musical style from classical to jazz plus other important aspects like composing, reading and recording music. I am willing to share my professional experience with any student who wants to become a player! (Check out available studio equipment and frequently asked questions here.)

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