New Theater Engagement

On Sunday 3/25/2012 at 3:00 PM I will play trumpet in performance with the Central Virginia Jazz Orchestra (CVJO) at Rhythm Hall in Center Stage (formerly the Carpenter Center) in Richmond, VA. This will be our second annual concert there and follows up our tribute to Frank Foster the previous year

It was an honor and a privilege to play on the main stage at the Richmond Jazz Festival at Maymont Park on Saturday, August 10th, 2013. As soon as we finished, it rained so hard we figured that Mother Nature was sad our set was over.

Music videos of live CVJO concerts can be viewed on YouTube’s “VideoBayboo” channel.

Jonathan on TV!
You can see me on the CBS WTVR Channel 6 “Virginia This Morning” show web site. There is a clip of Emme St James & Her Jazz Gentlemen from Valentine’s Day. Try this link: – scroll through and look for “Emme St James and Her Jazz Gentlemen” to see a 2 minute and 58 second performance of Harold Arlen’s “If I Only Had A Heart” from the Wizard of Oz soundtrack.

Upcoming Theater Performance
During the past year, I have been performing with the renowned Starlet Knight in her cabaret show. We scheduled “A Most Unusual Day” show for Sunday, 2/26/2012 until we realized that’s the same time as the Academy Awards.

When it is rescheduled I will announce the new date here.

A vocal student who I coach performed in Noel Coward’s “Design for Living” at the Richmond Triangle Players Theater.

Another vocal student performed at VCU last fall, so I hope to promote more of these shows in the future.